About Us

We are a coalition of people working together to foster reconnection with the land and healing of individuals, communtities, and the Earth.

The following groups are currently working together to make the Buffalo Dreaming Vision a reality.

Great Lakes Permaculture Network
A networking group for those interested in permaculture and sustainable living in the Great Lakes Bioregion.

Integrative Intentions
Dedicated to comprehensive treatment programs, CranioSacral teaching and study groups, mental health worker training, and CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release seminar experiences.

Nature Yoga Sanctuary
The intention for Nature Yoga Sanctuary is dually thus: to cultivate and honor the true evolutionary nature of human beings - as we strive towards self-realization, transcendence, and ultimate compassionate freedom. Within this community of conscious yoga practitioners we further strive to cultivate and care for our very own Earth Mother, Nature!

Let it be known that we pursue our personal paths with universal goals in mind, so that our ultimate truth may be the intentional harmony of internal and external nature as one.

With our intention thusly set let the fruits of our labor stand as full testament to all the lushness and bounty of NATURE!

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve
Dedicated to honoring and preserving the land, the buffalo, and the people. Featuring a unique log construction bed & breakfast, gift shop, horseback riding, preserve tours, and sales of meat, hides, and buffalo fiber.